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Hawaii's Latest Obsession is Cactus Soil

King Mika Jun 14, 2020
The bandwagon gardeners are coming. The bandwagon gardeners are coming. The bandwagon gardeners are coming. All purpose potting soil has been scarce since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the state of Hawaii to go under a “Stay-at-Home” order in March 2020. Then…
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Will the Coronavirus Cancel the 2020 Merrie Monarch Festival?

King Mika Mar 12, 2020
Will organizers make the right decision? Organizations across the country moved swiftly to suspend all operations due to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 that's now classified as a "pandemic." Many of these decisions was made before…
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Both of My Basil Plants are Wilting

King Mika Feb 06, 2020
Due to the constantly changing weather. The effects from the 2019 El Niño event that ended approximately 7 months ago continues to affect Hawaii's weather. While most locations is simply warmer than normal, the east side of the Big Island has been…
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Hawaii Tax Refund Status Has No Deposit Date

King Mika Feb 05, 2020
A step backwards. Hawaii Tax Online no longer provides an estimated deposit date for individual tax refunds. When I checked my refund status, this is the message I received: Refund Status Your tax refund was approved. It was mailed to you or sent to your bank…
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Hawaii's 2020 Presidential Candidates Has Been Revealed

King Mika Jan 23, 2020
This is one of the weakest Democratic presidential candidate lists of all-time. The Democratic Party of Hawaii has revealed the following twelve presidential candidates met Wednesday’s deadline to be on the Democratic primary ballot in Hawaii: Michael Bennet.…
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Testifiers Begs for a Decent Recycling Program

King Mika Jan 23, 2020
I can't believe I'm reporting this in 2020. The Solid Waste Advisory Committee held a public meeting in Hilo, Hawaii on Tuesday in an effort to improve waste management on the Big Island. Most testifiers pretty much begged for decent recycling programs which…
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Long Weekend From Hell: Midnight Parties and Domination

King Mika Jan 21, 2020
This is why I don't like long weekends. This past three-day weekend was crazy. One of the worst households in my neighborhood partied past midnight daily They was high on drugs and drank an absurd amount of alcohol. Although they were loud, they weren't…
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Ants Completely Destroyed My Marjoram

King Mika Dec 16, 2019
13-days worth of growth was destroyed. I had started marjoram seeds indoors on December 2 and everything was going well... until a colony of ants completely destroyed my plants. If I didn't catch one of the culprits carrying a cotyledon leaf, I would have…
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The Wet Season Has Finally Begun in Hilo

King Mika Nov 18, 2019
Rather late than never. The rainy season has started a couple weeks later this year for the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii due to the aftermath of El Niño. Normally, that location experiences 15.50 inches of rain for the month (an average of 0.52 of an…
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Customers Off the Grid Ruins Movie Sale

King Mika Nov 04, 2019
Here we go again. I went to a sale last week Saturday where they offered a box of books, discs, vinyl records, etc. for $5; as usual, greedy customers ruined the sale for everyone because they tossed every disc into their boxes. Two of those dingbats stated…

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