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Children Hosts a Movie Party at Midnight?

King Mika May 13, 2019
Welcome to my neighborhood. A household in my neighborhood was blasting their stereos at midnight. It sounded like children was yelling while they was watching a movie with a lot of tire screeching. When it was quiet an hour later, children was seen running…
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The Worst 6 Month Period in Hawaii Has Begun

King Mika Apr 08, 2019
It's all downhill from this point forward. Although the spring equinox took place just three and a half weeks ago, Hawaii is already dealing with uncomfortable heat gain. They've been warmer than normal due to the ongoing El Nino that could persist through…
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USGS Considering Moving Volcano Observatory to Oahu

King Mika Apr 04, 2019
Where there's no volcanic threat. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) are considering moving their Hawaiian Volcano Observatory to the island of Oahu, where there's no active volcanoes. That doesn't make any sense considering the Big Island has three active…
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My Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Continues

King Mika Mar 29, 2019
A season of work. It's that time of the year when the day length and solar radiation increases as the spring season progresses. Here's just a few of the things I'll do during that season because of the weather changes: Top dress my dormant houseplants with a…
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Hawaii's DOE Spring Break is Flawed

King Mika Mar 24, 2019
Here's what they should have done. One of the biggest challenges for both parents and teachers is getting children back into a routine after a break. You'd assume the Hawaii Department of Education (Hawaii DOE) would factor in that challenge but that's not…
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Hawaii DOT Proposes Road Usage Charge

King Mika Mar 13, 2019
To replace an outdated tax. Hawaii's fuel tax revenue, which provides approximately one third of state highways funding, continues to decrease as vehicles become more fuel efficient. The Hawaii Department of Transportation (Hawaii DOT) has proposed a road…
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Ship Your Items How it's Stated in Your Description

King Mika Mar 11, 2019
Apparently, that's asking for too much. Once again a seller on a popular auction website tried to rip me off by shipping my item via a much slower service. This time I paid $5 in shipping and handling charges to ship a 2.5 oz Blu-ray movie via USPS…
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Enjoying the Cool Weather While it Lasts

King Mika Mar 08, 2019
Because spring and El Nino is developing. Hawaii had some of the best weather on the planet this winter thanks to cooler than normal temperatures. Unfortunately, the comfortable weather will soon end because the solar radiation has been increasing with each…
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Hawaii's Roller Coaster Weather Ride Continues

King Mika Feb 21, 2019
It's only going to get worse. The weather in Hawaii has been a roller coaster weather ride over the past week. We had a wind storm, a rain storm, a winter storm, and now we're going to have a thunderstorm with volcanic emissions that is forecast to last three…
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Autumn Finally Reached Hawaii in February

King Mika Feb 15, 2019
Rather late than never. Hawaii is finally experiencing autumn-like weather in February due to a persistent northern wind pattern. The overnight low temperature has been in the upper 50s, which results in an ideal indoor temperature in the mid-60s. What's…

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