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Rude Person Runs in Front of Me for Coffee

King Mika Feb 23, 2017
Becomes the new explanation of the word 'pathetic.' It seems like 90 percent of the time I visit a particular coffeehouse chain in Hawaii, I experience an ill-mannered person. Today, a customer slowly coming out of their vehicle ran in front of me so they…
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Senate Blocks Gun Regulation for People With Mental Disorders

King Mika Feb 15, 2017
Because it's discriminating. The Republican-led Senate voted today to block former President Barack Obama's gun regulation, that would prevent Social Security recipients with severe mental disorders from being able to purchase a firearm. The measure was sent…
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Hawaii Police: Please Drive With Caution

King Mika Feb 15, 2017
Offenders: LOL. The Hawaii Police Department (HPD) stressed today the importance of following the law while operating a motorized vehicle. "Hawaiʻi Island police are reminding motorists about the dangers of speeding, disregarding stop signs and disregarding…
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Pushover Needs to Promptly Tell Tita Happy Valentine's Day

King Mika Feb 14, 2017
Alphaville: "When she's playing with love. She's playing with love." Valentine's Day is the most fascinating holiday to observe, because it's the most wasteful holiday of the year. For some, Valentine's Day voids recent acts of love; in other words, that…
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Hawaii Seeks to Legally Change School Lunch Policy

King Mika Feb 14, 2017
Because we live in a state that feeds criminals, and starves children. Hawaii is finally introducing a bill that would prohibit schools from denying a student a meal during the following situations: "Within the first thirty days of the first semester of a…
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Hilo and Honolulu Switches Weather for February 2017

King Mika Feb 13, 2017
Potentially further. Mother Nature switched the weather pattern for Hilo and Honolulu for the month of February 2017. Hilo typically sees 3.3 inches of precipitation from February 1-13, but an abnormal weather pattern brought only 0.13 inches during that…
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The HSTA's Hotel Room Tax Proposal is Embarrassing

King Mika Feb 12, 2017
Florida's tourism marketing corporation: 😁. The Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) are pushing for the state to establish a surcharge on residential investment properties, hotel rooms, timeshares and Airbnb of $3-$5 per day. The HSTA estimates the…
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Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary

King Mika Feb 07, 2017
Public schools cringes. Betsy DeVos was confirmed as education secretary on Tuesday, after Vice President Mike Pence broke a historic 50-50 tie in the Senate. The entire Democratic caucus of 48 senators and 2 Republicans (Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Susan…
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Hawaii Department of Taxation Forgot to Update the Tax Year

King Mika Feb 05, 2017
On their status check. The 2017 income tax season started last week Monday for 2016 returns, and as expected, the State of Hawaii Department of Taxation has forgotten to update their website homepage. "Check Your 2015 Income Tax Refund Status" is still listed…
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Norman Reedus Films on the Big Island of Hawaii

King Mika Feb 03, 2017
Chills with the locals. I spotted Norman Reedus (who plays as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead) filming an episode of his Ride with Norman Reedus show in Hilo, Hawaii, this past Monday (January 30, 2017). He was being recorded at a fast food restaurant on…
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First 90 Degree Day of 2017: January 12

King Mika Jan 12, 2017
Well that didn't take long. The heat index reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time in my office this year on January 12, 2017. The heat index is currently 94 degrees Fahrenheit, with an air temperature of 89 degrees, and a relative humidity of 52…
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Hilo Turns Into Seattle in January

King Mika Jan 09, 2017
Becomes one of the best places to be during that month. Hilo, Hawaii, normally experiences over 9 inches of rainfall throughout the month of January, but due to atmospheric changes across the globe, that location is now much drier than normal throughout that…
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I've Barricaded Myself in a 58 Degree Room on New Year's

King Mika Dec 31, 2016
Because my neighbors are dropping pollution bombs. It's that biannual time of the year when I barricade myself in my home and run my air conditioner full force, because the ignorant jackasses in my neighborhood are popping loads of firecrackers. The smoke is…
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Marijuana Freak Gets High While Holding Baby in Front Seat

King Mika Dec 13, 2016
Sets a new low in my neighborhood. Recreational marijuana use is illegal in Hawaii because a majority of the people in that state aren't responsible enough to use that drug without raising Hell, or putting others in danger. For example, I observed a woman in…
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Hawaii Watched for Two Tsunami Threats in the Same Day

King Mika Dec 08, 2016
With California and Solomon Islands being the epicenter. The state of Hawaii faced two potential tsunami threats today! One that could have come from the east, and another that could have come from the west. A magnitude 6.5 earthquake was recorded 102 miles…

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