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Heavy Thunderstorm Reverses Solar Gain in Hilo

King Mika Aug 18, 2018
Gives that location much needed relief. Hawaii in general are about one-third into their hottest period of the year (August to September). During that period it's a challenge to reverse the solar gain without using an expensive air conditioner. The daily low…
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Hilo is Invaded With Thieves and Violent Residents

King Mika Aug 14, 2018
What a terrible situation. For some reason, a load of thieves and violent people who belongs in a psychiatric hospital has moved into Hilo, Hawaii, since May 2018. Landlords are facing losses or legal challenges as those crazy people damages their property.…
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Pacific Golden Plovers Loses Their Wintering Feeding Grounds

King Mika Aug 13, 2018
Needs to find a new feeding ground ASAP. The Pacific golden plovers that previously searched for food in the 2018 lava eruption zone on the Big Island of Hawaii, must have been shocked to see that location covered with hot lava! What was once an ideal place…
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Most Pacific Golden Plovers Lands Before Hurricane Hector Arrives

King Mika Aug 08, 2018
Next flock to battle high winds. Most of the plovers that I observe has made their way back to Hawaii before the Powerful Hurricane Hector lashes the Big Island of Hawaii with tropical storm force gusts and dangerous surf. The leader of "The Elite Plovers"…
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Parents Parties on the Night Before First Day of School

King Mika Aug 06, 2018
I pity the children in their neighborhood. Today marked the first day of school for most students across the state, and some parents partied like it's the end of 1999 last night. Doctors agree children aged 6-13 needs on average 9-11 hours of sleep daily, yet…
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The First Flock of Pacific Golden Plovers Has Landed in Hawaii

King Mika Jul 15, 2018
But they're just visiting. A small flock of a couple dozen Pacific golden plovers are currently resting on the Big Island of Hawaii before they fly further south! Those birds will most likely spend their wintering season in the Republic of Kiribati region,…
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Dingbat Disposes Floor Stripper Down a Storm Drain

King Mika Jun 28, 2018
That leads to the ocean! Most floor finishes contain zinc, a metal that can damage the environment and sanitary sewer systems. Because of those reasons, the federal, state and county has set regulations for that metal. The University of Hawaii Windward…
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2018 Hell Summer Kicks Off With a Bang

King Mika Jun 22, 2018
Summer didn't wait long to open up the gates to Hell... The daily high heat index in my office peaked at 94 degrees Fahrenheit today, as above average temperatures was recorded across the state. Although the air temperature outside peaked at only 85 degrees…
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I Spotted Pacific Golden Plover's in Hawaii That Didn't Migrate

King Mika Jun 20, 2018
It only took me a month to find them... Every Pacific golden plover that I observe in my neighborhood left Hawaii on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. The search for the birds that didn't want to migrate began thereafter. It took me about a month to catch glimpse of…
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Store Receipt Checker Yells at Foreigner Carrying a Backpack

King Mika Jun 19, 2018
Because their boss ordered them to do that? There's a large discount department store in Hilo, Hawaii, that has banned people from entering with an oversized bag. They have a sign about their policy by the entrance. If customers wants to shop at that store,…
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Karma: Stray Dog Targets Person With a Bad Attitude

King Mika Jun 15, 2018
Likes everyone else. Superstitions are a way of life in Hawaii due to cultural diversity. A common believe among residents is "karma," a spiritual principle of an individual receiving good or bad luck due to their past actions. Most stories about karma is…
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Hawaii Had Years to Create Evacuation Routes in Lower Puna

King Mika May 31, 2018
But choose to wait until it was almost too late. The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) announced today potential traffic delays from approximately 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. as heavy machinery is transported from Waikoloa to Kalapana. The machinery will be…
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Leilani Estates Resident Fires Gun at Neighbor

King Mika May 31, 2018
Who lost their home to lava. Lava has been erupting in the Leilani Estates subdivision for nearly one month, and some residents who refused to leave have gone insane. A male senior citizen was caught on video -- firing several shots from a handgun to his male…
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County of Hawaii Civil Defense Does a Fantastic Job on Twitter

King Mika May 24, 2018
Here's a link to their Twitter account: @CivilDefenseHI. The County of Hawaii Civil Defense has been doing a fantastic job at posting information regarding the Kilauea volcano on Twitter. Here's a perfect example of what they've been posting: HVO reports…
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Clickbait Puna Geothermal Lava News Articles is Pathetic

King Mika May 22, 2018
Because it's creating unnecessary fear. Some news outlets have exaggerating the lava situation near the Puna Geothermal Venture. They've been incorrectly reporting that lava entered the Puna Geothermal Venture on Monday, May 21, 2018 and destroyed its…

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