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Prostitute is More Reliable Than Some Government Workers

King Mika Apr 16, 2018
Works through extreme weather. Heavy rain and thunder has been blasting the state of Hawaii over the past few days. That extreme weather didn't stop a prostitute from doing their business.What's hilarious is the pimp was keeping tabs on his client with…
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Repealing the Second Amendment Would Be Devastating

King Mika Mar 27, 2018
Especially for Hawaii. The Second Amendment was was adopted on December 15, 1791, to grant citizens the right to keep and bear arms. Without that Amendment -- America would have been an even bloodier mess than it is today!Unfortunately, insane people have…
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Pacific Golden Plovers Gives Mother Nature a Beating

King Mika Feb 10, 2018
While a cattle egret made an emergency landing. Steady winds of 30 to 60 mph pounded the state of Hawaii over the past two days. That's crazy considering a tropical depression has winds of 38 mph or less. While most birds was laying low, the Pacific golden…
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Hawaii Experiences Hail and Record Breaking Heat

King Mika Feb 01, 2018
In the same day. Hail and torrential rainfall fell on a few neighborhoods on the islands of Kauai and Oahu yesterday (January, 31, 2018). Meanwhile, the east side of the Big Island experienced record breaking heat. Hilo in particular reached 89 degrees…
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First and Second Half of January Had Drastically Different Weather

King Mika Jan 30, 2018
At least on the east side of the Big Island. Hilo, Hawaii only received 0.77 of an inch of rainfall from January 1-16, 2018, which is only 18 percent of their normal rainfall for that period. That deficit was completely reversed from January 17-29, when 13.86…
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President Trump Played Golf as Hawaii Panicked

King Mika Jan 15, 2018
While Hawaii's Governor David Ige was AWOL. On January 13, 2018, people in Hawaii received an emergency alert about an incoming ballistic missile at 8:07 a.m. on their cell phones. The alert read: "BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE…
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Hawaii to Force Partially Disabled Medicaid Recipients to Work?

King Mika Jan 11, 2018
We'll soon find out. The Trump administration has given states the option to force "able-bodied" adults to work or prepare to work to receive Medicaid. All that they would need is a waiver from the federal government. This waiver would give states the power…
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Hawaii Was 100 Degrees Warmer Than New York

King Mika Dec 28, 2017
Will the gap increase? The temperature in Dexter, New York, dropped to minus 32 degrees Fahrenheit this morning; as a comparison, the temperature in Kailua, Hawaii, dropped to 68 degrees. In other words: the daily low in Kailua was a whopping 100 degrees…
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This Titagator is Thankful for Violence

King Mika Nov 20, 2017
Happy Violentsgiving. It's that time of the year when some adults throws a fit like a baby because they can't cope with the holiday traffic. This past weekend, I witnessed a titagator road raging in the parking lot of a ghetto large discount department store…
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Dangerous Escapee Proves Hawaii's Law Enforcement is a Joke

King Mika Nov 17, 2017
Reaches a new low. A dangerous Hawaii State Hospital patient who was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial for allegedly shooting a woman on the face, and fatally stabbing her in 1979, escaped that facility during the morning of November 12, 2017. That patient…
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Man Threatens to Slap Mother at Book Sale

King Mika Oct 30, 2017
While another customer was drunk. A man had threatened to slap his mother at the 2017 Hilo Public Library fall book sale, because she let down her items. His hand was a mere inch away from her face! This is the same man who intimidated a woman at the 2017…
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Cold Front Causes Record Heat, Cold & Rain

King Mika Oct 25, 2017
It was a freak show in Hawaii. The weather was also a freak show. A cold front that moved over the state of Hawaii over the past two days created record breaking heat, cold and rain in the state. Here's a list of those records: A new daily high of 88 °F was…
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Hawaii's Favorite Halloween Candy Might Surprise You

King Mika Oct 19, 2017
Hint: It's not chocolate. The Candy Store has revealed the top three candies they sent to each state from 2007-2016, looking in particular at the months leading up to Halloween. You might be surprised to find out the top three Halloween candies they sent to…
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This Health Insurance Company is Infested With Dingbats

King Mika Oct 18, 2017
Who can't comprehend basic financial knowledge. If you're a power of attorney (POA) for someone in Hawaii who collects a pension and/or Social Security, be prepared to deal with dingbats. A health insurance company in that state has sent my family the same…
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People Who Belongs in a Psych Ward Drives in Hawaii

King Mika Oct 14, 2017
Goes on 20 minute ride. Sees multiple major traffic violations. The Big Island of Hawaii experienced extreme weather over the past few days, during which, rain fell at a rate of up to 2 inches per hour. It's widely known that Hawaii is home to some of the…

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