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Toddlers Playing on the Road at Midnight

King Mika Sep 19, 2016
To practice for Halloween? There's a new Marijuana Freak in my neighborhood that was seen letting his toddlers play on the road at midnight! One of those toddlers was practicing for Halloween, because it was screaming to scare its sibling. In my opinion,…
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Severe Weather Triggers Massive Plover Evacuation

King Mika Sep 15, 2016
Plovers, fly out! A violent thunderstorm blasted the Big Island of Hawaii yesterday afternoon with heavy rain (including a little hail), godly rumbles (the kind that shakes your home), and a stunning about of lightning strikes (at least three of which struck…
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Common Myna Attacks Pacific Golden Plover

King Mika Sep 13, 2016
Then flies off looking confused. A Pacific golden plover was minding its business when suddenly, a common myna flew full force to attack it. The plover didn't anticipate the attack, and only attempted to evacuate when the myna came within a few inches. The…
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Summer Is Going Out With a Bang

King Mika Sep 12, 2016
Autumn vs Summer. It's that time of the year when Mother "Janus-faced" Nature flip-flops between summer and autumn (officially starts next week Thursday). The weather was mild in Hawaii during the first 11 days of September. The heat index in my office was…
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Pacific Golden Plovers Braves a Hurricane

King Mika Sep 01, 2016
Flied where no other bird dared to go. Although the eye of Hurricane Madeline (2016) didn't make landfall on the Big Island, its outflow pounded the island with heavy rain yesterday. While every other bird was hiding during that storm, it was business as…
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Government Employees to Capitalize on Hurricane?

King Mika Aug 29, 2016
These people uses hurricane updates to optimize their days off. The Central Pacific Hurricane Center has put the Big Island of Hawaii under a Hurricane Watch, which means that hurricane conditions is possible within 48 hours. The Big Island is also under a…
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Nursing Home Purposely Devastates Stroke Victim

King Mika Aug 28, 2016
To maximize their profits. It's well documented that stroke victims will often become fearful of changes in their environment, and will thus benefit from an established routine.[1] Some nursing homes ignores that very important documentation in order to…
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The Humidity in My Home is 80 Percent

King Mika Aug 24, 2016
Due to the Pacific Ocean becoming vertical. A tremendous amount of rain fell on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii over the past two days. Hilo in particular saw 12.73 inches of rain fall over the course of 48-hours. That phenomenon raised the relative…
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Two Days of Record Breaking Rain in Hilo

King Mika Aug 24, 2016
48-hour rainfall total: 12.73 inches.* The east side of the Big Island of Hawaii experienced a stunning about of rainfall on August 22-23, 2016, along with an ultra rare violent thunderstorm. August 22 brought record rainfall of 4.04 inches to Hilo. This…
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Owl Can't Outsmart The Elite Plovers

King Mika Aug 21, 2016
These plovers been smooth since days of incubation. The pueo owl in my neighborhood notoriously sneaks around whenever it's a dark overcast with light drizzles. It glided into a large tree and effortlessly found some prey the last time it hunted during those…
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Meteorologist Ignores Hawaii's Rainfall Record

King Mika Aug 18, 2016
Hawaii. A meteorologist highlighted the most extreme 24-hour rainfall records for each state in the United States, and when she discussed the top two records -- she ignored Hawaii that obviously came in second place, as seen below: Texas - 42.0 inches. Hawaii…
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Every Juvenile Golden Plover Returned to My Neighborhood

King Mika Aug 18, 2016
Welcome back, adults. Three juvenile Pacific golden plovers moved into my neighborhood in the autumn of 2015, and migrated away from Hawaii for the first time in April 2016. Two of those birds returned on August 3, and the final bird returned on August 17.…
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Marijuana Freaks Capitalizes on Death

King Mika Aug 17, 2016
It seems as if they'll do just about anything to get high. A senior citizen in my neighborhood recently passed away, and family members offered a lot of things for free, because they needed to fly back to the mainland. As expected, the Marijuana Freaks…
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Pacific Golden Plover Attacks Common Mynas

King Mika Aug 17, 2016
After a long migration. The Pacific golden plovers continues to migrate from the Arctic tundra, and one of those birds was in a bad mood when it arrived to Hawaii. A juvenile Pacific golden plover that moved into my neighborhood last year was so moody after…
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Reckless Driver Nearly Causes Three Accidents

King Mika Aug 16, 2016
In a matter of minutes. This morning, I witnessed a lunatic in Hilo, Hawaii, nearly bang a brand new vehicle in the Yield lane, because they anticipated the driver ahead of them would floor their gas pedal to dodge in front of incoming vehicles. When it was…

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