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Who Do You Call If You Need Advice?

King Mika Nov 16, 2018
Your best friend vs mom. Bing asked their users the other day who they would call if they need advice. Here's the results of their poll: Your best friend - 61%. Your mom - 39%. If they only asked Portuguese people to vote, here's what the results would look…
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Can Smoke From a California Wildfire Reach Hawaii?

King Mika Nov 13, 2018
Question: Can smoke from a California wildfire reach the state of Hawaii? Answer: Yes. Smoke from a California wildfire that blows south near Mexico could reach Hawaii if the weather systems and wind patterns are aligned to that state. Notes: Smoke from the…
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Cotton T-Shirt Weather Has Arrived

King Mika Nov 09, 2018
For a limited time. The first shot of dry air from the north this autumn season will give Hawaii comfortable weather during this long weekend (November 10-12, 2018). What perfect timing! Although the daily highs will remain in the 80s... the steady wind from…
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Hawaii Rejects Supporting Teachers Union Agenda

King Mika Nov 07, 2018
A whopping 70 percent to be exact. The teachers union pressured Hawaii's Legislature into taxing investment real estate property to fund their agenda. The proposal was added to the 2018 General Election in the following text: "Shall the legislature be…
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My 2018 Hawaii Generation Election Voting Strategy

King Mika Nov 05, 2018
In a nutshell. It has reached the point Election Day is about voting for your favorite dingbat. Back in the day there was at least one decent candidate, but that's an ultra rare scenario these days. Here's how I'm voting this year: Vote for the candidate that…
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Portuguese Driving Instructor Problems: Ruler Needed to Park

King Mika Nov 03, 2018
Disclaimer: The information in this article is not driving advice. Anyone who's had a Portuguese person teach them how to drive knows the struggle is real. Being Portuguese I have many hilarious stories to share, but I'll start with these stories: Ruler…
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Mentally Unstable Drivers Plagues Hawaii's Roads

King Mika Oct 31, 2018
The situation is worse during a major holiday such as Halloween. Thank goodness Halloween is almost over because the roads in Hawaii is dangerous during that holiday. A driver was tailgating so close in a school zone this morning -- I couldn't see them in the…
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Child Raises Hell Following the Autumn Break

King Mika Oct 15, 2018
Isn't quite ready for Hollywood. I heard someone raising Hell a few minutes before 8 a.m. this morning and it was a presumably upper elementary school child claiming they're too tired to go to school. That child contradicted itself because they was pounding a…
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Tropical Storm May Challenge Juvenile Pacific Golden Plovers

King Mika Oct 05, 2018
Here's hoping they stay in the Arctic tundra for the next 4 days. Tropical Storm Walaka could potentially wreck havoc on the juvenile Pacific golden plovers that's migrating over the Pacific Ocean for the first time. The storm is generating sustainable winds…
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It's Time to be Jealous of Those Autumn Celebrations

King Mika Oct 01, 2018
Because Hawaii wasn't invited to the party. It's that time of year when most people in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the start of autumn (the best season of the year); unfortunately, Hawaii is once again excluded from the party. Here's what it's like…
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The Autumn Heat Wave Continues in Hawaii

King Mika Sep 25, 2018
Summer isn't going down without a fight. While most locations in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the cooler autumn weather, Hawaii is enduring their hottest period of the year. Yesterday, the heat index in my home peaked at 105 degrees Fahrenheit (the…
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Hell Summer is Going Out With a Bang

King Mika Sep 19, 2018
The war will end soon. It's that wonderful time of the year when summer is coming to an end. We just need to endure the transition period when the summer-like weather takes turns with the autumn-like weather. It was quite comfortable from September 15-18,…
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I'm Not Surprised Adult Ads Are Popular in Hawaii

King Mika Sep 19, 2018
Here's why. Researchers from the Arizona State University placed two ads on a popular sex market website, and they found that a majority of respondents called from an 808 area code (Hawaii). Calls from Hawaii with a population of 1.43 million -- topped calls…
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Mazie Hirono's Sexist Comments Made Me Turn Republican

King Mika Sep 19, 2018
Again. Reporters asked Senator Mazie Hirono if having women on the Senate Judiciary Committee will improve how the allegation against a Supreme Court nominee is handled. Here's a video of her reply: "Guess who's perpetuating all of these kinds of actions?…
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Dingbat Sprays a Bumper Coater in Direct Sunlight

King Mika Sep 14, 2018
While it's gusty. The people in my neighborhood are about as stupid as it gets. I smelled an aerosol blowing in the wind, and it's coming from a dingbat who's spraying a bumper coater -- next to other vehicles -- in direct sunlight -- during the summer --…

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